GEULA chair




Brand Paints Verinlegno: Ral-7044, Ral-9001, White, Ivory, Natural, Oak, Italian, Cherry, Walnut, Wenge.

Brand varnish Verinlegno: G20 polyurethane semi-gloss varnish.

Frame: an array of beech, and bent-adhesive plywood.

Seat: Chipboard seat 16mm, foam h35mm density EL2240, covered with flizelin bottom.

Back: DVP 4mm, foam h20mm with EL2240

Fabric: Artemis: 02, 03, 05, 10, 12, 16, 22 | Amelie: Beige, Brown | Almira: 13, 14, 23 | Marrakech: 02, 06, 10 | Veneziano: 03, 04, 06 | Etna: 24, 25, 91.

Packaging: Air bubble film, corrugated on legs, cardboard box with a density of T23K. A detached seat is packed in a stretch film. The equipment is attached to the seat.

Options: Plastic gaskets on legs, screws 4x19mm 3pcs.




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GEULA chair

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